Rocket against Woowamboo in the Sphere

The Sphere is a special place underground in Genesis Stadium. It was created by Bleylock and Harris with special fills to absorb Flux. Prior to A Team Reinvented, Kernor becamee champion and defeated Fulmugus. Rocket then took the position off her when he won 4-1. He then stayed champion and defeated Woowamboo, Sinedd, Luur, Stevens and Warren. Eventually, he lost to Tia and Netherball was finished. It is unknown what became of the sphere after this.

Bleylock and Harris absorbed the fluxes of everyone who was in the sphere except for Tia(as she played Rocket after Sonny found their lab) and mixed it together into Multiflux devices. One attacked the Shadow Archipelago and destroyed The Smog until the events of Coach Artegor while the second Multiflux device was jarred into Bleylock's ship by Harris which caused it to explode, killing him. The final device was taken by Harris and he is free to do what he wishes with it in Season 3.


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