Team The Pirates (currently),
The All-Stars (formerly)
Flux The Seed of Shiloe
Position Striker, Captain
Shirt Number 9 (The Pirates),
9 (The All-Stars)
Home Planet Nebula of Shiloe

Stevens is a pirate player who represents the Shilöe archipelago during competitions.


His appearance is concealed by his Galactik Football outfit, like all the other pirates, though can some parts of his face are still visible. He has white skin, platinum blond dishevelled hair and a slender frame that looks very human.


D'Jok once stated that he may play selfishly sometimes, but this is highly hinted that he does so because he's the best, by far, player of his team. Otherwise, he believes in fair play and for this, is well-liked in the galaxy. He almost never fouls and never in a purposely rough way.

Despite these traits, Stevens does have a cruel sense of humor and will not hesitate to show off and taunt the opponent. An example of this was near the end of a match against the Flux-less Shadows (Pirates were winning 7-2) , Stevens, out of sympathy allowed an injured Sinedd to take the ball from him during a kickoff, only for the ball to almost immediately disappear from Sinedd because the match had ended.


Stevens is the captain of the pirates team, representing the Shilöe archipelago. Since Shilöe isn't a planet and can't give any flux, the pirates and by extension, Stevens, are left without it. All the players of his team are humans from various planets, including him, which may mean he does have a flux hidden deep inside him, but isn't allowed to use since another planet most likely already has this unique flux and official team representative. Probably because of his « lack of flux » Stevens is an amazing player among his team mates, totally being the only one to score, but when put with other teams' players, he becomes almost invisible. During the all star match in season two, we only see him twice, basically just immediatly passing the ball to other players and despite him being in the team, the pirates rarely win. But as their great win against the Shadows proves when they loose their flux, the other teams could never beat them unless they used full powered flux, because they are highly skillful nonetheless. Despite never going very far in competitions, Stevens never gives up and the team always scores at least one goal thanks to him. He's very liked from football fans from all over the galaxy with his skillful game, team spirit and fair play. He also stands out from others by being very fast and lithe and a good dribler. Overall, Stevens is a really respected galactik football player.


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