Team Paradisia
Team Paradisia Infobox
Name Team Paradisia
Coach Magnus Blade
Home Planet Paradisia
Captain D'Jok (formerly)
Nikki (Currently)
Flux The Multi-flux

Team Paradisia is the team formed by Magnus Blade to compete in his special mixed-flux tournament. The core of the team is made up of female players equiped with special cybernetic suits and visored helmets.

As Paradisia has no natural flux of its own the girls have been artificially implanted with the Multi-flux, a creation of Vega and her benefactor. The multi-flux takes the form of a purple plasma which surrounds the players.

Team Paradisia

Team Paradisia during practise.

After his arrival on Paradisia, Lord Phoenix recruits D'Jok to captain the team. D'Jok retains his natural flux, The Breath of Akillian, and wears a red and black variation of his Akillian uniform.

Everybody apart from D'Jok, which is all girls are cyborgs. Lord Phoenix manages the team and his robot Ataru coaches the team for him. They defeat The Wambas 3-0 and then The Lightnings. They even defeat the Snow Kids and advance to the Final against The Shadows. However, it is cancelled due to Paradisia becoming chaotic.

D'Jok then leaves Team Paradisia. Harris then demandes the date of the Galactik Football Cup moved forward and Team Paradisia competes with Nina 8 playing in D'Jok's place. Nikki is then made captain. They defeat The Lightnings, The Cyclops and then the Elektras before advancing to the Final. However, they are defeated by the Snow Kids, but try to get the cup under Harris' command. However, the Multi-flux is destroyed and Nina falls, being catched by Mark. The girls then become humans again and are put in Duke Maddox's custody for treatment.

Play styleEdit

During the Paradisian tournament, Team Paradisia had a very robotic style of playing, passing a lot and charging using the Multi-Flux. Also, they weakened the other teams by making their key players fall ill because of the Resonance.

However, during the GFC, they started to play intelligent, using their shared conscience to find out the opponent's weaknesses and capitalize on them. They also became an extremely powerful and beloved team in the galaxy.


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