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Technodroids (also known as The Technoids) are a team of Technoid Robots that have been designed specifically to play Galactik Football, they are one of the only teams without Flux.

The Technodroids V2s are first seen in action during the semi-finals of the Galactik Football cup in Metaflux where they perform the opening dance for the match, its not until The Forfeit that they actually play and until the Snow Kids rediscover the Breath within themselves, they dominate the match.

Technodroids in Season 1

Technodroids in Season 1

In one of Sonny Blackbones's flashbacks it is revealed that the Metaflux was tested on a version V1 of the Technodroids and Bleylock quoted that it made the droids play like humans.

Technodroids in Season 2

Technodroids in Season 2

In season two, the Technodroids V3s were placed in the All-Stars match as a test and like against the Snow Kids in the previous Galactik Football Cup, they lost. On both occassions Duke Maddox had the team scrapped ready for the next team stating that "Technoid could always use tin cans".

In The Other Side of Paradisia, Duke Maddox has the Technodroid V4s play in the Paradisian Tournament without aid from other fluxes. This causes a humiliating 6-1 defeat for Technoid and Maddox makes his men take the "Astro-Bus" back to Genesis Stadium.


The Technoids, before a match are always seen in a crouching position. Once they are activated their mechanized joints will click and whir into place until they are ready to begin the match, performing a dance (possibly to intimidate the opposing team) whilst doing so.

The Technoids are arguably one of, if not the worst teams in Galactik Football, having a supreme lacking in effective tactics and almost always being outmaneuvered by superior teams. Their play-style is quite erratic but, if figured out, can be quickly annihilated. Though their agility is not awful, they are incredibly weak and prone to malfunction.

Despite this, they can still pose a small threat to even the best teams in the galaxy. Their tactics revolve around team play, usually passing the ball frequently. Their signature move is a technique in which the robots will all join their bodies together to create a "goal scoring machine" capable of shooting the ball at immense speeds. This move has been known to defeat even the best goalkeepers in Galactik Football, such as Kernor.

Their goalkeeper in particular, is next to useless, barely being able to save any goals. Thus, the Technoids are shown to be most effective as an offensive team than defensive.

A running gag in the series is the fact that the Technoid goalkeeper always lose its arms at the end of the matches after trying to catch a powerful shot.

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