Technoid Base Infobox
The Technoid Base
is the central hub of Technoid, it contains countless laborotories, offices and is possibly the residence of leader Duke Maddox.


The base is first seen physically when Clamp is kidnapped by Bleylock and Baldwin so he can continue his research on The Metaflux. The only major area of the base shown was the Lab that Clamp was confined to.

It is unconfirmed but as it is the central hub of Technoid, it is probably the residing place of the Technoid leader, Duke Maddox. Maddox only appears to leave the base when the final of The Galactik Football Cup is taking place at Genesis Stadium. It is also possible that the base is the main factory that manufactures all of Technoids produce eg. Security Robots and Home Appliances.

The Base is not shown again after Bleylock and Baldwin move the Lab and Clamp to Genesis stadium.

Notable people who reside at Technoid BaseEdit

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