Technoid securitybot

A Technoid Security Robot

The Technoid Security Robots are one of the most common robots seen in the series. Their purpose is to protect the citizens, hunt down and capture pirates, guard off-limits areas and follow orders of Technoid Officials

The robots are equiped with Lasers that are able to slowly cut their way through steel doors and critically injure a person, the laser can be fired as shots or in the form of a beam. The robots also have the ability to take the form of other robots as seen in The Pirates when they take the form of Callie's camera robots. These robots are also easy to trick as Artie managed to disable a robots memory by using a small device.

The robots also have some sort of Artificial intelligence as they have the ability to speak and understand each other even if they do not have free will.

In season 3, the Technoid Security Robots appear to have been scrapped in favour of some new state of the art robots. Two last remaining ones, Harvey and Sidney, were found and reconstructed by Thran of the Snow Kids.

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