The Akillians
The Akillians Infobox
Name The Akillians
Home Planet Akillian
Captain Aarch
Flux The Breath of Akillian
Debut The Comeback


The Akillians were the original Galactik Football team for the planet Akillian, they appeared to have disbanded after the explosion of the Metaflux and the beginning of the great Akillian Ice Age. Their flux was The Breath of Akillian.


The Akillians are only mainly showed briefly at the beginning of The Comeback while Aarch was dreaming about what happened in the Galactik Football match 15 years prior to the series. The team consited of playes who are now major characters in the series, the few that are know include Aarch, Artegor Nexus, Norata and Adium.

After the Breath vanished and Akillian was frozen, Aarch and Artegor left to join The Shadows and Norata lost his leg when the stadium froze, this left the team incomplete and they ultimately disbanded.


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Players Edit


  • The Snow Kids uniforms were replicated from The Akillians in their honour.
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