The Champions Stumble
The Champions Stumble
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10 May 2008



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The Champions Stumble is the thirty-seventh episode of Galactik Football. It aired on May 10th 2008.


Yuki has a "goalkeeper nightmare". She tells Mark that she’s worried about today’s match against the Wambas. Tia’s father informs his daughter that Rocket never left Genesis Stadium. But where is he? Harris sneaks into Addim’s office and places a video file on her computer to keep Rocket playing Netherball. The League votes to delay Rocket’s return to the GFC thanks to Harris! Sonny and Corso inspect The Sphere, but find no clues to its true function. Early in the match with the Wambas, the Snow Kids are losing… Could the Snow Kids be eliminated in their first match!!

Galactik Football - S02E11 - The Champions Stumble

Galactik Football - S02E11 - The Champions Stumble

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