The Cup
The Cup
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1 August 2006



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The Cup is the twenty-sixth episode of Galactik Football and the last episode of the first season. It aired on August 1st 2006.

Summary Edit

Everyone in Genesis Stadium is holding their breath: D’Jok is going to shoot the free kick that will tie the score and put the Snow Kids back on an even footing with their opponents in the Galactik Football Cup final! Aarch is terrified: he can no longer contact his players, and he now knows that D’Jok wants to sabotage the game so that he can save his father! D’Jok is completely worn out. Can he really pretend to miss this shot? Does he really have a choice? The Pirates have just arrived where Bleylock is holding Sonny prisoner!

Galactik Football - S01E26 - The Cup

Galactik Football - S01E26 - The Cup

Episode NotesEdit

  • D'Jok's blackmail is revealed to the Snow Kids.
  • Last appearance of The Metaflux.
  • Last appearance of Baldwin.
  • D'Jok and Mei's goals allow Snow Kids to win the Galactik Football Cup and to be new champions.
  • Bleylock fall to his apparent death but survives.
  • Sonny Blackbones will no longer be a criminal for the Technoid.
  • Baldwin convinces Sinedd to not place the device in the Cup.
  • This is the beginning of D'Jok and Mei's relationship, they also have their first kiss.
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