The Cyclops
Team Cyclops
Name The Cyclops
Home Planet Cyclopias
Captain Akkamukk
Flux Psycho Bug

The Cyclops are a Galactik Football team. They are a team most known for their very good defensive strategies.

They serve as one of the more comical teams in the series, upholding a goofier playstyle and personality than the other teams. However, they seem to have very little regards towards rules as they have been seen cheating numerous times throughout the series. Their style of play is incredibly outlandish, adopting a "strength in numbers" approach; when attacking, they get into an organized position in which the attacker will be completely protected with fellow teammates, when the attacker is ready to shoot, all six players will form a horizontal line. When defending, three Cyclops will usually charge head-on against the opposing attacker in an attempt to intercept them.

Although the team should not be taken lightly, their agility and run speed is considerably weaker than other teams as well as having less adaptable tactics. The Cyclops also seem to suffer against more powerful teams such as The Shadows or The Xenons.

Their flux, the Psycho Bug, is a hypnotic trance that only works if the opponent is staring into a Cyclops's eye. If the opponent is subjected to this flux then they seem suffer from severe headaches for a short amount of time. Due to the Cyclop's flux not boosting their agility or maneuverability, at the beginning of a match, all six players have to shoulder-carry each other in an attempt to reach the ball when being shot up into the air.

Their star player is Akkamukk.

Team MemebersEdit

  • Akkamukk (Captain)
  • Billywong (Goalkeeper)
  • Refi (Defender)
  • Nora (Defender)
  • Heggan (Midfielder)
  • Mictus (Striker)
  • Sevu (Striker)


In the Galactik Football Cup in Season 1 they were disqualified from the Semi-Finals for cheating against The Shadows. In the second, they were fair and square eliminated in the quarter-finals by The Xenons. In the Paradisian Tournament, they played with Nilli from the Shadows, but were eliminated in the Qualification Round by The Elektras losing 3 - 2. In the third Galactik Football Cup, they were defeated and eliminated by Team Paradisia. They offered Micro-Ice a place in their team during the Paradisian Tournament (possibly to replace Akkamukk who had gone to The Xenons), however Micro-Ice may have been joking.

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