Episode 19 - The Ghost of Paradisia
The Ghost of Paradisia
Air Date

20 October 2011



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The Ghost Of Paradisia is the seventy first episode of Galactik Football and the nineteenth of the third season.


Clamp and the pirates are getting ready to leave for Paradisia; it's their only hope of finding some Multi-Flux, which they need to fabricate the Anti-Multi-Flux… Despite Clamp's ban, Thran sneaks onto the pirate ship… At Genesis Stadium, the tension for the next quarterfinal match between the Lightnings and Team Paradisia is already palpable! As Nina is about to meet Mark after the match, Nikki orders her to end the relationship, which isn't part of their plan.


Thran sneaks aboard The Black Manta and goes with The Pirates all the way back to Paradisia. Team Paradisia beats The Lightnings 3-2 using moves similar to the Snow Kids in the quarter-finals and Nina 8 is forced to end her relationship with Mark. Hush Sharky is also revealed to have snuck along as well and they find Paradisia isn't toxic.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 19- The Ghost of Paradisia (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 19- The Ghost of Paradisia (English)

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