Luur usuing The Heat of Xenon

The Heat of Xenon is a form of flux that has developed specifically to the Planet Xenon. The flux manifests itself as a green, yellow like fluid substance that surrounds the player and the ball when used. The Heat of Xenon is the flux used by The Xenons.


Very little is known about this flux as it was first introduced in the second season (due to the absence of The Xenons in season 1), what is known about the flux is that it grants the user incredible strength,super speed and the ability to temporarily paralyse other players in a green sludge bubble. It was even quoted on Arcadia News that this flux is one of the most powerful forces in the galaxy like The Smog and The Breath of Akillian. But the Breath of Akillian can stop the flux before it touches the players even though the Heat's super speed and freeze ability is faster than the speed of The Breath.

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When Luur (the Xenon's Striker) used this flux in The All Stars he was able to move and score so quickly that the replay had to be in slow motion just to see the ball and the force of the kick caused the goal posts to be ripped off the ground and flung off the edge of the pitch. The Heat of Xenon is considered one of the most powerful fluxes seen in the series. In Bleylock's Revenge, Luur saved D'Jok's life by using the flux to hold him in place while he lifted him back onto the pitch after it was destroyed.

It is also collected from him to create a Multi-flux.

Yuki paralyzed by the flux

Abilities and Forms Edit

The Heat of Xenon manifests itself as a green bubble of energy that surrounds the player. This flux allows:

  • Improved strength, agility and speed.
  • Mega-jump
  • Causes temporary paralysis. (using time control on an local area)
  • Super sight (allowing the player to view all possible angles).

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