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The Metaflux
is an artificial, synthetic flux, created by Professor Clamp and Sonny Blackbones. The Metaflux caused the Akillian Ice Age when it exploded during the final qualifying match of the Galactik Football Cup, 15 years prior to the series. The Metaflux was also infused within the Snow Kids before it was removed. In season 2, Sonny claimed that the Metaflux was gone which indicates that it is now destroyed.


15 years prior to the series, Sonny Blackbones and Clamp (real names I'son and Yarrit Labnor at the time) were scientists who were instructed to create an artificial flux for the Technodroids. General Bleylock was project leader and it was based on the planet Akillian.

After the completion of the flux, Bleylock discovered that the flux gave off no trace, making it undetectable when used. Sonny and Clamp had also realized this and realized that this Metaflux was dangerous and if it fell into the wrong hands, it could lead to the destruction of the galaxy.

Sonny and Clamp attempted to dispose of the Metaflux, by trying to smuggle it off Akillian to hide it. Bleylock on the other hand wanted the Metaflux for his own and attempted to kill Sonny and his wife by shooting down the ship that they were using to carry the Metaflux. When the ship was hit, it crashed on the rooftops of Akillians cities and when Sonny attempted to carry the flux, he tripped and dropped it. The metaflux rolled off the edge of the building and exploded, causing a force so powerful it caused Akillian to tilt on its axis, causing the great Akillian Ice Age and the disappearance of the Breath of Akillian.

It is later revealed through the events of season one that after the Metaflux exploded, it somehow was absorbed into the bodies of children born at the time of the explosion, these children grew up to be The Snow Kids and throughout Season one, the presence of the Metaflux in their bodies caused them all to develop The Breath however it was also hazardous to their health and slowly poisoned them until the Metaflux was removed by Clamp and Sonny after they were made aware of the dangers.

After the Metaflux was extracted, it fell into Bleylock's control after Sonny is blackmailed into handing it over. After a battle between Bleylock, Sonny and Duke Maddox, the Metaflux is taken away by Sonny and not seen again.

In season 2, the Metaflux is mentioned several times and it is implied that it was destroyed.

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