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A Ryker using the Metal Scream against Thran's Shield

The Metal Scream (also known as The Metal Yell) is a form of flux that has developed specifically on the planet Unadar. The flux manifests itself as yellow energy that surrounds the player and ball. The Metal Yell is the flux used by The Rykers.


Not much is known about The Metal Yell as it is one of the least used flux in the series. The Metal Yell developed on Unadar and was possibly named due to the planet being covered in heavily industrial structures. The metal scream is named as it is because the players who use it let out a high pitched, wailing yell that has a metallic accent to it.

Despite it's name, this Flux can also be projected from the player's arms and legs as well.


The Metal Yell is an extremely powerful and feared Flux. It is yellow in color. This flux allows:

  • Improved strength, speed and agility.
  • Mega-jump
  • Super sight (allowing the player to view all possible angles).
  • The ability to paralyze or push players back.
  • The ability to cause players strong disorientation.
  • The ability to create an impenetrable semi-transparent wall
  • The ability to significantly slow down an approaching ball

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