The Missing Link
The Missing Link
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29 July 2006



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The Missing Link is the twenty-second episode of Galactik Football. It aired on July 29th 2006.

Summary Edit

While the Pirate chief tries to put the MetaFlux in a safe place, D’Jok confesses to Micro-Ice that Sonny Blackbones is his father. Micro-Ice can hardly believe it. D’Jok’s disappearance during the second semi-final between the Shadows and the Cyclopes makes Aarch crazed with worry. Would Artegor decide to eliminate the Snow Kids’ best player? Aarch decides to reassure himself…

Plot Edit

In this episode, The Shadows are against the Cyclops. The shadows were losing, but it was later discovered by Arch that the Cyclops team was cheating by switching their players because they all look the same.

Sonny Blackbones has the possesion of the metaflux and escaped the Genesis Stadium but General Bleylock took D'Jok hostage to get the metaflux . Sonny Blackbones escaped from the pirates ship and gave Bleylock the metaflux. Sonny Blackbones was captured and Bleylock told D'Jok, in order to save his father, he needs to make sure the Snow Kids lose the GFC final match.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shadows were mistakenly depicted as the defending champions, as they lost the previous GFC final against the Lightnings.
Galactik Football - S01E22 - The Missing Link

Galactik Football - S01E22 - The Missing Link

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