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The Multi-Flux is the flux of Team Paradisia. It is a mix of Flux, it was collected during Netherball Matches .

Bleylock used The Multi-flux onto the Shadow's Planet which destroyed The Smog. Harris then sealed a more powerful version inside Bleylock's ship as he was attempting to destroy Genesis Stadium, causing it to explode.


A part of the Multiflux in paradisia.

Harris then gave the other Multi-flux to Vega and she used the Deep Stadium to siphon away the fluxes of the players who played in it. Magnus Blade also placed some of the Multi-flux into Team Paradisia so they could compete in his new Paradisian Tournament. During the Final, Ataru was hay-wired into injecting the last of the Multi-flux into Paradisia's core, causing Paradisia to transform into Dark Paradise.

Using Multi-Flux 2

Team Paradisia using the multi-flux in training.

Harris then plotted to use it to get Team Paradisia to the Final in the Galactik Football Cup and then destroy Akillian with the Multi-flux bomb, leaving them to win the Cup and eliminate every flux in the galaxy, proclaiming himself as the most powerful man in the galaxy. Clamp then created his own Multi-flux out of the fluxes of Warren, Luur, Lun-Zia and Yuki and part of the Multi-flux in Paradisia to find the Multi-flux's weakness. Harvey and Sidney then accidently tipped some Mice Delight into it, causing it to explode. After the Snow Kids' third win, Team Paradisia tried to use the Multi-flux to grab the cup, but Harvey and Sidney destroyed the Multi-flux by injecting Mice Delight into it. Team Paradisia was then returned to humans again.

Fluxes collected from Netherball

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