The Pirates
Name The Pirates
Coach Sonny Blackbones
Home Planet Cillo Archipelago, Akillian
Captain Stevens
Flux The Seed of Shiloe, The Breath of Akillian

The Pirates are a team coached by Sonny Blackbones.

They are an incredibly gifted and skillful team with perfect physical conditioning. Despite their name, they are an incredibly fair team who play by the rules.

The Pirates' most identifiable feature is their lack of Flux, putting them at a natural disadvantage to other teams who usually have it. Regardless, The Pirates do incredibly well without it and are able to keep up with even the strongest of teams throughout the galaxy on their skills alone. Because of this, they can easily defeat teams that also do not have the Flux as demonstrated with their match against The Shadows.

Their star player is Stevens.


The Pirates are a football team representing the Shiloe Archipelago. The Shiloe Archipelago is a long circle of uninhabited asteroids. Thus, deeming it a perfect hideout for Sonny Blackbones and his Pirates.

The Pirates are fair sportsmen, very skillful and creative, as well as eager and an admiring team with perfect physical conditioning.

Since Shiloe is not a planet and cannot give any flux, The Pirates are left without it.

The Pirates rarely win matches because of the clear disadvantage of not having the Flux. However, The Pirates passed the qualifying round in the second season and faced the Shadows afterwards defeating them 7:2. The Pirates also had won easily against the Shadows after they had temporarily lost their Flux, The Smog, earning their victory well.

The Pirates have proved that they are a far better team than anyone could have ever hoped, and warned other teams of their semi-final uprise. They have also proved that other teams could never beat them unless they used full powered flux. In a competition without flux, The Pirates are definitely undisputed champions.

In the Paradisian Tournament, The Pirates are aided by two Cyclops. However, they are eliminated by the Snow Kids. In the third Galactik Football Cup, they defeat The Red Tigers, but are eliminated by The Elektras.



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