The Professor
The Professor
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8 July 2006



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The Professor is the eleventh episode of Galactik Football. It aired on July 8th 2006.

Summary Edit

During the return match against the Pirates, Rocket is injured. Clamp is somewhat distracted as he follows the match, and who could blame him? Memories of his past work for Technoid are coming back to him. Meanwhile, the Flux Society discovers Clamp’s true identity, and his current activity seems more and more suspicious to them. As for the Snow Kids, their training is becoming so intense that Aarch has cancelled all their free time.


The episode starts with the Snow Kids playing their return match with The Pirates, winning 4-0. D'Jok then scores, leaving the score 5-0. Callie Mystic says that the second official match in Akillian Stadium hasn't been disappointing. Dame Simbai is amazed of how well they are, while Clamp is still suffering from the poison from the last episode. He then remembers...

Professor Labnor and Professor I'Son are doing some tests on some Technodroid V2s with Bleylock watching. Bleylock states of how The Metaflux makes them play like humans when he notices that it is undetectable and tells them if it falls into the wrong hands, Flux Society would see nothing but danger in it. He then leaves them to get back to work, stating that is not their intention.

Galactik Football - S01E11 - The Professor

Galactik Football - S01E11 - The Professor

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