The Roar is a form of flux that has developed specifically to the Wamba's Planet. The flux manifests itself as an orange mist that surrounds the player when used. The Roar is the flux used by the Wambas.


The Roar is generated by the rays of the moon Ivo, these rays are what give the Wamba's their advanced speed and agility. The Roar is one of the least seen flux in the series although its power is admired by Snow Kids and their coach Aarch (who spent a few years living on the Wamba's Planet). The Roar is named as it is because when the players use the flux, they let out a loud roar. This flux makes the players have the most powerful jump in the galaxy. It is also used by Lun-Zia before she joined the Wambas which she kept after. It is also collected off her to create a Multi-flux.

Forms and AbilitiesEdit

The Roar only has one form which is a orange smoke that surrounds the player when used. Though the Roar has very few abilities, the Wambas are able to make up for this with their own talents. The Roar allows:

  • Superior agility
  • Improved speed and strength
  • Mega-jump

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