The Rykers
The Rykers Infobox
Name The Rykers
Home Planet Unadar
Captain Kernor
Flux The Metal Scream

The Rykers is a Galactik Football team hailing from planet Unadar. They are a well-known albeit slightly feared team who are famous for their incredibly aggressive playstyle and intimidation tactics.

Their Flux is The Metal Scream, a Flux induced yell that is shot out from the user's mouth.

Their star player is Kernor. She is arguably the most skillful goalkeeper in the series, being efficient in both offense and defense.

Before a match, the Rykers will usually perform a greeting dance (possibly to intimidate the opposing team) involving street dance-esque moves and a final explosion of Flux at the end.


The Rykers are one of the greatest Galactik Football teams in the history. Their crowning moment was eight years before the beginning of the series when they managed to win the Galactik Football Cup.

Throughout both series, the Rykers have been known for their aggressive play and attitudes. Living on the planet Unadar, it is possible that their species have mutated, their skin is usually grey with white streaks and they have pupil-less red eyes. The entire team appears to be made up of female players.

Kernor is the captain and goalkeeper of the Rykers and she is known as the best goal keeper in the league in the first season (whether she still has maintained that title is unknown). The Rykers were the first team that The Snow Kids faced after the cup drafts. The Snow Kids lost the first match but managaed to defeat them in a home match. In the second season, the Rykers as a team are only seen once when they play The Snow Kids in the quarter finals, in the match Yuki (playing in Tia's place) managed to develop The Breath of Akillian.

When playing the Rykers have used their flux, The Metal Scream to paralyze their opponents temporarily or use such force that the player is left injured, on most occasions, the Robot Referees usually doesn't report the fouls, as pointed by Micro-Ice in Coach's Pet and Callie Mystic in Open Doors.

In season 3, they lose 4-0 to The Shadows in the Paradisian Tournament and later 3-2 to The Xenons in the Galactik Football Cup.



  • Red Tigers 0-10 The Rykers
  • The Rykers 5-0 Snow Kids
  • Snow Kids 3-2 The Rykers
  • The Rykers 1-2 Snow Kids
  • The Shadows 4-0 The Rykers
  • The Xenons 3-2 The Rykers

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  • Apparently, "Rykers" is not just the name of team but the name of the entire race that lives on Unadar. The Undarians are constantly referred to as "Rykers" by Arcadia Sports' commentators.
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