The Secret of Deep Stadium
The Secret of Deep Stadium
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10 October 2011



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The Secret of Deep Stadium is the sixty first episode of Galactik Football and the ninth episode of the third season.


The Snow Kids are getting ready for their match against the Xenons, who are ready to get revenge! Will the Snow Kids manage to qualify for the next round of the tournament? Arty and Bennett are hot on Vega's trail and sneak into a secret laboratory hidden in a coral reef…and discover machines that collect Fluxes captured in Deep Stadium! As they try to tell Corso of their discovery, they are unfortunately surrounded by Robot Guards!


The episode begins with Nork Agnet and Barry Land conversing of how exciting the next two uarter-finals matches of the Paradisian Tournament will be, after the Snow Kids' second win over the Xenons in the last Galactik Football Cup. The Snow Kids face the Xenons and the score remains 0-0. Meanwhile in Deep Stadium, Team Paradisia faces the Lightnings and defeats them 2-1. Warren is angered by D'Jok's selfish playing and leaves the pitch. Meanwhile in Dome Stadium, Tia hops over Akkamukk and scores a goal, making the score 1-0. Luur then tries a shot, but before Ahito can even block it, the match ends and the Xenons are eliminated from the Semi-Finals!

Meanwhile, Benett and Artie find several secret laborotories underneath the Deep Stadium that siphon out the players' flux and then collect it! But as they try to get their discovery to Corso, they are captured by Robot Guards and Lord Phoenix and Vega throw them in prison! Vega then goes to Dame Simbai and Clamp's treatment center, only to find Sonny Blackbones has recovered from the poison and left. Aarch then discovers Artegor and Adium having a date, making him angry. D'Jok questions if Phoenix is hiding something else from him besides the cyborgs.

Meanwhile, Micro-Ice, Thran and Ahito are drone surfing when Micro-Ice falls off his board and finds himself on a sub. He then asks Tia if she wants to help him check out the Deep Stadium and the episode ends with Tia agreeing.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 9- The Secret of Deep Stadium (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 9- The Secret of Deep Stadium (English)

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