The Secrets of the Breath
The Secrets of the Breath
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17 October 2011



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The Secrets Of The Breath is the sixty eight episode of Galactik Football and the sixteenth episode of the third season.


The Galactik Football Cup is the oldest and most precious relic in the galaxy…and it appears during each GFC! The Snow Kids are thrilled to be back at Genesis Stadium to play a match against the Wambas and Lun-Zia! As D'Jok is teaching his kids, Warren pays him a visit to discuss a project he is starting with Artegor… Clamp visits the Pirates to elaborate a plan to stop the threat to the galaxy!


Dame Simbai leads the Snow Kids to Clamp's old Holotrainer and reveals her indentity as a member of The Flux Society to them. Brim Balarius becomes worried about the Galactik Football Cup and before they leave for Genesis Stadium, Mei appears and reveals Aarch has given her defensive position on the Snow Kids back!

At Genesis Stadium, Warren joins "Club Galactik" with Artegor Nexus and Thran notices Sidney's desire to find Harvey. On his way to the locker room, Mark bumps into the Team Paradisia striker Nina and develops a crush on her.

On Arcadia News, Callie Mystic and Nork Agnet reveal The Shadows have defeated The Gyras 3-0 and will face the team that wins the match between the Snow Kids and The Wambas. Callie sits with D'Jok in the stands and everyone is suprised when Mei makes her return to the Snow Kids. The Snow Kids are left 2-1 by half time, but Woowamboo pushes Lun-Zia too hard and fouls Rocket, ending up in the penalty chamber and causing Rocket and Micro-Ice to beat the Wambas 3-2.

Clamp talks with The Pirates and discusses the fact that in order to destroy the Multi-flux, they need to find out it's weakness and to do that they need their own Multi-flux.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 16- The Secrets of the Breath (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 16- The Secrets of the Breath (English)

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