Thran Snow Kids Kit
Name Thran
Age 15 (Season 1)
19 (Season 2)
20 (Season 3)
Height (Season 1) 1.68 (Season 3) 1.73
Relatives Ahito (Twin brother)
Yuki (Cousin)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Team Snow Kids (Actively)
Paradisian All-Stars (Formerly)
Flux The Breath of Akillian
Position Defender
Shirt Number 2 (Snow Kids)
Home Planet Akillian
Debut The Comeback

Thran is one of the main protagonists in Galactik Football. He is a defender of the Snow Kids and twin brother to Ahito. He is the third person to aquire The Breath and the only one besides Rocket who's seen using it as a shield against other flux abilities. He also has an extremely close friendhip with Clamp.


Thran's hair is shorter than his brother's, but he nearly look the same: asian face - yellowish skin, narrow silvergrey eyes and a small beard. Out of the field he wears a light grey t-shirt with red Japanese kanji « force », dark blue trousers and a winter coat.


Thran is one of the only characters that does not seem to have gotten into arguements with anyone due to his peaceful nature and happy personality. Most of the team members go to him if they feel down. Thran does, however, rise up to challenges and defends his honour with great skill and energy as in The Comeback when thugs try to attack Aarch in Planet Akillian.

As there are times where Ahito calls him « big brother » he appears to be the older twin.


Thran grew up on Akillian with his twin brother Ahito and has shown to be good friends with D'Jok and Micro-Ice from a young age. At one point in his youth (like the other original members of the Snow Kids), he was striken by a mysterious illness which in time is revealed to be the effects of The Metaflux in his body.

Thran appears to be the smartest person on the team ( next to Clamp ) with strong interests in technology and gaming. In The Comeback he had invented a football with a device that reads the speed in which it is kicked at. He also has an interest in gaming and spends his free time with Clamp or other members of his team on various games. His interest in technology is shown by his ability to hack various programs and data as shown when he helped Sonny Blackbones and Micro-Ice escape Akillian using blueprints of the ventilation system he had aquired.

In season two, Thran remains the same cheery boy and spends his time supporting his cousin Yuki as she tries to fit in with the team. He also tries to support his brother through the illness that developed at the beginning of the season. Also, at one point, he assists Mei in finishing off her commercial contracts when D'Jok is unavailable.

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