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is the home planet of The Rykers and the native planet of The Metal Scream.


According to Dame Simbai, a great tragedy struck planet Unadar in the past, so its inhabitants had to adapt to the harsh conditions after that event. It seems that a big part of the planet has been blown away. The planet is completely covered in factories which produces a constant smog that makes the air on the planet constantly polluted. Unadar has great cities, with little to no vegetation. The television on Unadar has only one channel, the Rykers Channel, which transmits footage from the Rykers' training sessions, focusing on Kernor. The planet is visited by the the Snow Kids in Coach's Pet when they go to play a match. Dame Simbai gives the players a gas mask to prevent them from falling ill due to the large amounts of pollution in the air. According to Dame Simbai and Clamp, if the team remained there for a few weeks, there was a high chance of mutation.

Notable people from UnadarEdit


  • Unadarian style has been copied by The Pirates who have a hotel that looks exactly the same as the Unadar one on the Nebula of Shiloe.
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