aka Besty.

  • I live in Space.
  • I am semi-active.
  • Bio Besty I Am.
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Task BenchEdit

  • Give all articles a proper layout.
  • Create infoboxs (Team, Player, Manger, Civillian and Episode).
  • Equip new infoboxs to pages. Ongoing
  • Re-Catergorise Pages.
  • Become Admin.
    • Add Wordmark.
    • Add Background.
    • Improve Mediawiki pages.
  • Fix all bad images.
  • Create new home page.
Main article: User:Besty17/Mainpage

Names To Be CheckedEdit

Go through the series, and double check the names given through out.

  • D'Jado
  • Yarrit Labnor (Professor Clamp)
  • I'Son (Sonny Blackbones)
  • Zeaga (The Wambas)
  • Birdie (The Wambas)
  • Billywong (Cyclops)
  • Mictus (Cyclops)
  • Heggan (Cyclops)
  • Sevu (Cyclops)
  • Refi (Cyclops)
  • Nora (Cyclops)
  • Shalmel Shake (The Rykers)
  • Lucus (The Akillians)
  • David (The Akillians)
  • Sarlight (The Lightnings)
  • Nitro (The Lightnings)
  • Zed (The Shadows)
  • Fulmugus (The Shadows)
  • Nihlis (The Shadows)
  • Senex (The Shadows)
  • Paul (The Shadows)
  • Yewan (Red Tigers/The Wambas)
  • Jeff/Pirates nr 6 (The Pirates (Team), Brother of Clamp)
  • Wilkinson ((The Pirates (Team))
  • Phantom (Xenons)
  • D`aneo (Snow Kids, and the twin brother of D`Jok)
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