Walk for a Pirate
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21 October 2011



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Walk for a Pirate is the seventy second episode of Galactik Football and the twenty episode of the third season.


Back on Paradisia, Clamp, the Pirates and Thran notice a mysterious signal on Thran's detector… At Genesis Stadium, the quarterfinal match looks to be suspenseful! Who will make it to the semifinals, the Pirates or the Elektras? After some special practice sessions, Dame Simbai amazes everyone when she shares her surprising discovery about the Breath.


The Xenons have revealed to defeat the Rykers 3-2

On Paradisia, The Pirates locate Harvey at Snow Kids' hotel! They suddenly find out Harvey has befriended Lord Phoenix and they work together.

At Genesis Stadium, the Snow Kids encourge Yuki and The Elektras play a very good match. However, Stevens scores before half time and making it 1-0 Pirates. Yuki then uses a move similar to Alca 1's move in the match with The Lightnings and tie the score 1-1. They then win 3-1.

On Paradisia, the Pirates investagate the Deep Stadium laborotories and find Ataru. Ataru then attempts to eliminate them.

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 20- Walk for a Pirate (English)

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 20- Walk for a Pirate (English)

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