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The Wambas Planet

Wamba Planet is the home of The Wambas team and formally the home of Dame Simbai. Ivo, the moon of the Wamba's planet is what provides the inhabitants with their flux The Roar.


The planet has not a spherical shape, instead it is shaped like a tree with many branches. The surface of the Wamba planet is covered with lush jungles and an impressive flora and fauna.


The people have been raised in peace from the other planets and they welcome their guests with honour and politeness. It was revealed in The Team that Dame Simbai lived on the planet (when not working for the Flux Society) and that Aarch lived on the Wamba's planet when he was recovering from the effects of the smog.

Aarch reveals that Ibo, the moon that orbits the Wamba's planet gives off a radiation that give the Wamba's their advanced speed and agility. The radiation is also the source of The Roar, the flux that The Wambas use.

The Wambassian food is recognized in the galaxy to be awful tasting, being usually made from mashed spiders flavored with local oils.

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