Team The Wambas (currently),
The Lightnings (formerly),
Paradisian All-Stars (fomerly)
Flux The Roar
Position Striker
Shirt Number 3 (The Wambas)
Home Planet Wamba Planet


Woowamboo is a striker for the Wambas. He played as a midfielder for the yellow team at the Paradisian All-Stars.


Woowamboo is a skilled player who, like the rest of his team, show good signs of sportsmanship. However, he can still act overconfident and cocky at times.


Woowamboo is a striker for The Wambas. He is also seen at the sphere. He was seen in season 2 losing to Rocket in the sphere. Woowamboo is a brilliant player whose agility is unmatched. Though the Wamba's do not do as well as they could in the cup, Woowamboo is still one of the best players around. He has great sportsmanship, congratulating D'Jok after The Snow Kids defeated the Wambas 3-2 in a Galactic Football Cup match. He loves the game and he bears no hatred against teams who beat his.

He temporarily joins The Lightnings in the Paradisian Tournament and develops a friendship with Warren. He also gets picked as a midfielder for the Yellow Team of the Paradisian All-Stars. He rejoins The Wambas after their loss to Team Paradisia. However, in their match with the Snow Kids, he pushes their new player Lun-Zia too hard and ends up fouling Rocket and causing his team to lose. It was rumored that he planned to retire after the Galactik Football Cup.

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