Yuki Elektras Kit
Name Yuki
Age 17 (Season 2)
19 (Season 3)
Relatives Thran, Ahito (Cousins)
Unknown mother
Unknown father
Micro-Ice (Boyfriend)
Team Snow Kids (Formerly)
Elektras (Actively)
Flux The Breath of Akillian (Formerly)
Hectonian Wave
Position Goalkeeper
Midfielder (Temporarily)
Shirt Number 8 (Elektras)
8 (Snow Kids)
Home Planet Akillian
Debut Return to Genesis

Yuki was the substitute goalkeeper of the Snow Kids, when Ahito got sick, and the later goalkeeper for The Elektras during the third season.


Yuki is a fairly tall, slender girl with short orange hair, green eyes and a funny tinted pale skin, giving the impression that she might be of mixed origin.


Her personality is happy and positive.She always tries her best and doesn't her friends disappointed. Yuki kept her head held high even though D'Jok disliked her and called her names. After mastering the breath, she was finally accepted as a Snow Kid. She always likes to have fun and spending time with her friends especially Micro-Ice.


Yuki is a talented goalkeeper. Before developing the Breath, her style was blocking balls and flinging them into goal posts. Her strategy is enhanced when she develops the Breath and even more after developing the Hectonian Wave. She also uses her midfielder experience to score the Elektras' first goals against the Shadows and the Pirates. She also has a close relationship with Micro-Ice, which she keeps even after joining the Elektras.


Yuki Infobox
She was taken into the Galactik Football Cup in Return to Genesis on Thran's request. She was put as a substitute for Ahito in the next episode and played well. In Open Doors, Tia temporaily left her position to work with The Pirates in order to free her parents. Aarch didn't have a replacement for her position, so Artegor Nexus trained Yuki to be a midfielder for the match against The Rykers and Yuki developed The Breath of Akillian, allowing her to score against Kernor.

She returned to her position as goalkeeper in A Team Unravels when Ahito gave in. She blocked two goals and continued to play in the penalty shoot-out. She failed to block 3 goals and was injured on her fourth, leaving Ahito to play.


In the paradisian tournament Yuki goes to The Elektras team and during the Galactik Football Cup she keeps on the same team and learns to control Hectonian Wave -Elektras Flux. She gets injured during the first Paradisian Tournament match against The Shadows and they are once again eliminated in the Galactik Football Cup by Team Paradisia. She also aids the Snow Kids and is also seen helping Professor Clamp and Dame Simbai gather flux samples by playing in the Holotrainer along with Warren, Luur and Lun-Zia. In The Stars of Akillian Are Eternal, she is seen cheering for the Snow Kids in the Akillian box. After the match with the Shadows, she was seen at the party. After the semi-finals with the Xenons, she was at the party for Aarch after he resigned as coach of the Snow Kids.


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