The Zaelion Galaxy is a galaxy whose planets are the main setting of Galactik Football. It is located somewhere in the Universe. It has a very technological advanced society which revolves around the Galactik Football.

Known planets Edit

  • Akillian, a planet currently experiencing an Ice Age. Its flux is the Breath.
  • Unadar, a planet which had a big chunk of it blown out. It is highly polluted. Its flux is The Metal Scream.
  • Xzion, a blue planet housing a highly advanced society. Its flux is The Charge.
  • Escaron, a planet which was destroyed during The Great War. Its flux is unknown.
  • Paradisia, a desert planet with only a small, tropical oasis. Currently experiencing many natural disasters after its core was corrupted by The Multi-flux. Paradisia's original flux was destroyed long time ago.
  • Oeno, a purple planet covered with mushrooms. Its flux is unknown.
  • The planet from which The Cyclops originate. Its flux is the Psycho Bug.
  • A green-blue planet around which many space stations form a ring. One of those stations houses the Flux Society Headquarters. Its flux is unknown.
  • A large gaseous planet seen on the Paradisian night sky.
  • A large planet, possibly orbiting the aforementioned gaseous planet. Its flux is unknown.
  • A huge red planet orbited by the Genesis Stadium. Its flux is unknown.

Other worlds Edit

  • Wamba Planet, a tree-shaped world filled with jungles. Its flux is The Roar.
  • Ibo, the moon of the Wamba Planet. Its radiations give the Wambassians their Flux.
  • Xenon, an oceanic world with an unique shape. It is green-purplish in color. Its flux is the Heat.
  • Shadow Archipelago, a conglomerate of many red colored, diamond-shaped asteroids. Its flux is the Smog.
  • Nebula of Shiloe, a large, hollow rock located in an asteroid belt. Its flux is The Seed of Shiloe.
  • The Technoid Base, a large asteroid housing the HQ of Technoid. It does not have a flux.
  • Obia Moon, a group of space stations orbiting a gaseous planet. Due to the brilliance of that planet, it is presumed it is a Hot Jupiter-type of planet.

Extragalactic planets Edit

There are other galaxies besides Zaelion. In one of them lies planet Hectonia, whose football team plays in the Galactik Football Cup of the Zaelion Galaxy. Their flux is the Hectonian Wave.

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