Wambas 2
Team The Wambas (currently)
Flux The Roar
Position Defender
Shirt Number 2
Home Planet Wamba Planet

Zun-tantalio is a Wambas Defender. He is most known for the devastating foul he performed on Tia in which he deliberately rammed into her stomach at full speed.

However, this act was not done out of spite and purely because Artegor Nexus had bribed him money so he could afford medicine to cure a serious flu he was suffering from.


Zun is one of the more notable players of the Wambas due to his white hair. He has small hairs at the end of his chin as well as goggles over his neck. He dons the typical Wamba kit.


As with the other Wambas, Zun was generally an enthusiastic and fair player who played by the rules. Though he fouled Tia without hesitation, he later regretted and felt guilty for his actions, even to the point of relief upon learning Tia's recovery.

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