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Team Elektras (actively)
Flux Hectonian Wave
Shirt Number 3 (Elektras)
Home Planet Hectonia

Zyria is the Elektras Coach. As well as Yuki's best friend.


She has purple skin and hair, and pointy ears.


She is a very cheerful and friendly girl, who helped Yuki with the training to master the Hectonian Wave. 


A native to planet Hectonia, Zyria and her teammates were very focused on winning everything. She participated with her team on the tournament on Paradisia, reaching the semi-finals but losing against the Shadows. After the destruction of Paradisia, Zyria focused her attention on Yuki, training her into mastering the Hectonian flux, a feat she succesfully accomplished. 

In the Galactik Football Cup, Zyria and her teammates reached the semi-finals again but were defeated by Team Paradisia after a hard-fought match which ended 1-3.

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